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Index of images to be found at:


Architectural Sources:

Armorial et Traite d'Heraldique:

(barely pointed, vertical, simple)

Ballard's Book:

(almost pointed, vertical, crests, detailed)

Banderia Prutenorum:



(pointed, diagonal, crest, a little rough)

Berlin 1492:

(rounded, vertical... )

Book of Attire, 1085-1551:

(rounded concave sides, vertical, rough)


Breton Armorial:

(pointed, vertical, rough)

BSB Csg 9210 Grunenberg:

(rounded, mostly verticle, realistic shading)

BSB Cgm 145 von Grunenberg:

BSB265 Flandria:

(rounded, vertical, rough)

BSB 266 Pontificum:


(almond, vertical, very fine diapering)

BSB268 Insignia Romae:

(almond, vertical, very fine diapering)

BSB270 Insignia Urbium:

(almond, vertical, very fine diapering)

BSB272 Insignia Venetorum II:

(almond, vertical, very fine diapering)

BSB273 Insignia Venetorum III:

(almond, vertical, very fine diapering)

BSB274 Insignia Veneta:

(almond, vertical, very fine diapering)

BSB275 Insignia Nobilium Patavinorum:

(almond, vertical, very fine diapering)

BSB276 Insignia Veronensium:

(almond, vertical, very fine diapering)

BSB277 Insignia Florentinorum:

(almond, vertical, very fine diapering)

BSB278 Insignia Lucensium:

(almond, vertical, very fine diapering)

BSB279 Insignia Neopolitanorum:

(almond, vertical, very fine diapering)

BSB280 Insignia Equitum Gallici:

(almond, vertical, very fine diapering)

BSB290 Armas de los Condes:


BSB291 Insignia Anglica:

see Insignia Anglica, below

BSB307 Sammlung:

(rounded, concave sides, crests, uncolored sketches)

BSB308 Bertschi:

(rounded, asymmetrical concave right, crests, rough)

BSB308n Wernigeroder:

(rounded, asymmetrical concave left mostly, crests, rough)

BSB308u Ortenburger:

(rounded, asymmetrical concave mirrored, crests, rough)

BSB310 Tirol Wappenbuch:

(rounded, diagonal, crests, engraved)

BSB312 Scheibler:

(rounded, diagonal, crests, in "corded" boxes, very fine)

BSB313 Jacob Streit Stammbuch:

(fancy, vertical, crests, diapering, a little rough)

BSB390 Brechtel Wappenbuch:

(fancy, vertical, crests, dense mantling, loose colored)

BSB391 Sammelband:

(round, mostly simple shields, some crests, nicely shaded) (?)

BSB392d Suddeutchland:

(fancy, vertical, crests, rough)

Burgkmair 1516:

(rounded, asymmetrical, crest, uncolored woodcut) (tessilated!)

der Grosses Wappenbuch:

(almond, edging, rough)

Gelre, Armorial de:

(pointed, diagonal, crests, grayscale)

Gilles le Bouvier:

(pointed, a little rough)

Golden Fleece:

(barely pointed, vertical, uncolored)

Guillim, John:

Heraldic Imagination:

Heraldic Primer: etc.

Hervey Grants:

(pointed, vertical, crests, detailed)

Hessisches Wappenbuch 1625:

Hierosme de Bara 1581:

Ingeram Codex:

(round-bottom, rough-drawn, mostly angled with crests)

Insignia Anglica, BSB 291:

(pointed, vertical, woodblock helm/mantling, some crests, rough)

Livro Armeiro:

(barely pointed shields, diagonal hanging from ribbons, beautiful diapering)

Livro Nobreza:

(rounded shields, diagonal in boxes, diapering)

Manesse Codex:

(pointed, vertical/diagonal, rough)

Matthew Paris:

(triangular, vertical, rough)

Misc. Anglo-French:

Misc. German:

Misc. Iberian:

Misc. Italian:'OrodellaNobiltadiGenova.JPG



Nurnburg 1555:

Oxford Guide to Heraldry:

Powell's Ashmole805:

(pointed, vertical, a little rough)


(barely pointed, vertical, line art)


(barely pointed, vertical, dark muted colors)


Sherborne Missal:

(pointed, vertical, hanging from ribbon from diapered foliage)


(various, vertical, often crests, woodcut),jpg.jpg

Stemmario Trivulziano c. 1450:

(barely pointed, vertical, primitive style)

St. Gallen:

(round, diagonal, large crests, primitive)

Sussex Roll:

(barely pointed, vertical, vigorous)

Swiss Armorial 1392:

(rounded, vertical, clean)

Tudor Banners:

Universeel Wapenboek:

(pointed, vertical, primitive)

Virgil Raber - Arlberg:

(rounded, some vertical, some crested, crisp)

Virgil Raber - Neustifter:

(rounded, vertical, realistically shaded, crisp and clean) (vs. Arleberg?) (vs. Arleberg?) (vs. Arleberg?)

Walters 847:

(pointed, vertical, a little rough)


(barely pointed, vertical, a little rough)

Wriothesely c1528:

(barely pointed, vertical, crests)

Zacharias Bartsch:

(fancy shields, vertical, crests, engraved-style)

Zurich Roll:

(pointed, diagonal, crests, rough)